06 March 2013

Control lights with an Arduino remotely with 433Mhz

I wanted to use Arduino's for a domotica project. The main purpose is to control the lights in my livingroom, using a web-interface. This way I can switch on and off my lights with my mobile phone, iPad, etc. even when I am not home (over the internet)! Because making elektrical connections with Arduino's and the outlet power supply went wrong one time earlier (blew all the fuses!), I wanted to use secure standard components for the high-power part. So, I bought these:

This is a set containing of one transmitter and a couple receivers to wirelessly switch lights (plugged into the outlets) on or off.

The Arduino has a 433 Mhz transmitter and receiver. This way I can listen to what is being broadcast, or I can send signals/codes myself. This is the one I am using: http://www.emartee.com/product/41357/

I used my Arduino to "sniff" the sent signal from the transmitter to the receiver switching the lights. I did this for all on/off combinations for all lights.

The Arduino is also equipped with an ethernet shield, so I can host a litte web application on it. I use this to be able to command my Arduino over the internet or my house network.

So I have:
  • An Arduino that "understands" the remote control and can learn from it;
  • The possibility to send signals myself as well;
  • A small web application running on the Arduino.
In the video below, you can see I am learning the codes from the original transmitter to my Arduino. After learning, I can use the web interface on the Arduino, to retransmit those codes, to switch my lights on and off!

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  1. Hi, Im a studemt of secundary school, that wants to make a control with arduino - app inventor - NXT, just asking if u could have some free time and help us with basics, thanks

  2. What types of basics do you need? You can take a look at http://appinventor.mit.edu/explore/learn.html to learn how to use the App inventor. I have no experience with NXT.

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